We strongly recommend that you act now with your online bookings for 2024

The Inca Trail availability to Machu Picchu will be closed the month of February by disposition of the Ministry of Culture, because maintenance, upkeep and cleaning will be performed. The entrance to the Inka Trail will be re-enabled from March 1.

In this section you can check the availability of the trail provided by the Ministry of Culture. Here some information should take into account:

  • The month of February is rainy season so the Ministry closes the Inca Trail.
  • The Inca Trail availability we use is the same to any other agencies, because this information is directly provided by the Ministry of Culture.
  • The number of spaces is very variable. Agencies usually book up to 30 spaces, do not be surprised if in a moment the available spaces are sold out.
  • The spaces shown are for either route be it Short Inca Trail in 2 days or 1 day or Classic Inca Trail in 4 days, entrance tickets for Machu Picchu Circuits and Huayna Picchu.
  • The availability is exclusively administered by the Ministry of Culture. Only they can manage and authorize the access to the Inka Trail.
  • The Inca Trail is enabled only for 500 spaces per day, within which includes staff (porters, cooker and guide). but, for the pandemic (COVID-19), the number of tickets is gradually increasing.
  • The tickets for Classic Inca Trail and Short Inca Trail include Machu Picchu entrance fee in the last day for the Machu Picchu Circuit 5.
  • Huaynapicchu and Huchuypicchu entrance fee include Machu Picchu Circuit 4
  • Machu Picchu sacred mountain entrance fee includes Machu Picchu Circuit 3
  • Inka Bridge entrance fee includes Machu Picchu Circuit 1 or 2
  • Only the ticket that indicates "Llaqta of Machu Picchu" allows you to choose one of the four established circuits

Note: The availability is updated every day (Please press Ctrl + F5 to update the availability). First you must choose the Inca Trail Route (4 days, 2 days or 1 day), Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu, or Machu Picchu Sacred mountain followed by the month and year of your visit. The number shown per day is the number of places available to the selected departure date. “0” means that there is no longer any space available for that departure date.