At Inka Trail Expeditions Perú EIRL, we are a Peruvian company that since 2012, we offer tourist services complying with quality and environmental standards.

For this reason, we are committed to:

Senior management makes the policy available to all its stakeholders and its review on an annual basis or when required.


Update date: 28/04/2022



The objectives of the Integrated Management System of Inka Trail Expeditions Peru are:

  1. Maintain monthly, a percentage greater than 85% of satisfaction of our clients in our services.
  2. Obtain 85% compliance with our services from our clients.
  3. Achieve timely closure of corrective actions and improvements in the SIG by 75%.
  4. Achieve compliance with legal requirements and other requirements related to SIG by 95.8%.
  5. Comply annually with at least 90% of the Training program on environmental issues aimed at employees and service providers.
  6. Manage a correct disposal and delivery of solid waste by 85%.
  7. Annually achieve a 3.8% reduction in electricity consumption in administrative offices compared to 2022.
  8. Annually carry out an environmental campaign that contributes to caring for the environment.
  9. Comply with 82% of our Plan for the Surveillance, Prevention and Control of COVID-19, acting with basic measures of prevention and control of contagion, guaranteeing the sustainability of the measures adopted and the health of ITEP Travel workers, as well as of our clients.


Update date: 24/04/2022
Next review: 24/12/2022



William Escalante
General Manager

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